The indestructible grid EcoRaster TE50

The super tough TE50 equine grid. With its new improved formula, the TE50 is now more durable, dimensionally stable and robust. Perfect for all heavy-duty applications around the equine facility.

Product description

Ecoraster TE50 is designed for all heavy duty uses around your riding facility, for access roads, loading areas and many other high-wear applications.

The Ecoraster TE50 equine grid is the toughest ground reinforcement in the world. Our design has been proven for over 20 years and meets the highest standards in manufacturing and testing.

The TE50 can replace asphalt and even concrete, remaining permeable while still providing stable and hard wearing paved surfaces.

Suitable for

  • walkers
  • round pens
  • paddocks
  • loading/unloading areas
  • barn entrances
  • gate areas
  • access roads


Technical data


330 x 330 x 50 mm

Wall Thickness:

5 mm

Load Bearing:

350 tons per square meter

Weight per square meter:

 9,55 kg per square meter

Weight Per Unit:

1,06 kg


50 mm


100% Recycled LDPE

Pressure Rating:

20 Tons Per Axle according to DIN 1072

Dimensional Stability:

0.5 % (temperatures -50 to 90 degrees)

Moisture Absorbtion:

0.01 %

Environmental Neutrality:

Environmentally Neutral According to DIN 38412


Resistant  to acids, bases, alcohols, oils, benzine, salts, ammonia, acid rain etc.