The worlds number one EcoRaster – surfaces are a free-draining base system for indoor and outdoor riding surfaces. Easy to install and maintain and provides a world-class riding surface for all riding disciplines – EcoRaster found his applications with references like.

Vogt Farm
Vogt riding arena drainage problems solved by Ecoraster
The fast and easy installation of E40 as a drainable base worked immediately and changed  the riding area in a mudfree area.

Eiblhof Active Stall
Historic equine facility enhanced by Ecoraster
This natural open stable benefited from the affordable, high-quality base system. Their daily operating costs have been greatly reduced and the horses are mud free and happy.

„An der Hofen Warte” Equestrian Centre
Extending the season of the outdoor riding arena
The reputation of this well maintained and well known equine center was further elevated by the installation of the Ecoraster grid and specialized footing system.

International Berlin Horse Show
High quality temporary equine events possible with the Ecoraster system
The Ecoraster system was successfully used to provide a high quality indoor temporary riding venue for many different disciplines of equine sports.

„Pradar” Equestrian Club, Moscow
Indoor riding arena reinforced and stabilized with Ecoraster
The premium Ecoraster system was successfully used to provide a stable, reinforced and elastic riding surface benefiting and protecting both horse and rider.

Fiebich Equestrian Centre
Equestrian centre enhance, indoors and out, by the Ecoraster system
Areas both indoors and out were retrofitted to include the high quality, yet affordable Ecoraster footing system. This demonstrates their commitment to the health and safety of horse and rider.

Hippologica Berlin
Ecoraster enhances show arenas used by different equine disciplines
Ecoraster was installed together with the Trickrast-System

Riding Surface, Wampen Equestrian Centre
High quality yet affordable Ecoraster enhances popular indoor arena
The easy to install and elastic system proved to be unbeatable value for the money producing a high quality riding surface.