The Paddock and All-RoundGrid EcoRaster TE40

The universal TE40 equine grid. With its time proven design and improved materials the TE40 was specially developed for paddocks and most other applications around the equine facility.

Product description

Ecoraster TE40 is suited for general use around your riding facility, for paddocks and turnouts, and many other equine applications. The benefits clean and dry permeable surfaces are with the universal TE40 Ecoraster.

The Ecoraster TE40 universal equine grid is specifically designed for paddocks and other equine surfaces. 

The TE40 in paddocks reduces cleaning time by 90% and your horses benefit from the dry stable and clean surfaces. The horses are no longer standing in “boot-sucking mud” and the moisture related illnesses become a thing of the past.

Suitable for

  • wash and feed areas
  • paths
  • muddy gates
  • turnouts
  • paddocks


Technical data


330 x 330 x 40 mm

Wall Thickness:

3,6 mm

Load Bearing:

120 tons per square meter

Weight per square meter:

 5,22 kg per square meter

Weight Per Unit:

0,58 kg


40 mm


100% Recycled LDPE

Pressure Rating:

20 Tons Per Axle according to DIN 1072

Dimensional Stability:

0.5 % (temperatures -50 to 90 degrees)

Moisture Absorbtion:

0.01 %

Environmental Neutrality:

Environmentally Neutral According to DIN 38412


Resistant  to acids, bases, alcohols, oils, benzine, salts, ammonia, acid rain etc.